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ELECTRONIC FRIENDSHIP is an audiovisual club project from DJ DANIAL and VJ BILDERWILDERER. Their shared passion and virtuos understanding for emotional Club Events, provide for unique and rampant nights. The booking of ELECTRONIC FRIENDSHIP results in bringing a tailor-made package of groovy deep house and moody Projections into your house. Both elements are balanced and create an equality that influences each other throughout the course of the night. A perfect flair for the moment and the mood of the audience, always provides for exceptional experiences on the dance floor. Together these two seasoned DJ’s & VJ’s have over 30 Years of national and international stage experience.

DJ Danial

DJ DANIAL has bestowed clubbers with countless emotionally loaded sets throughout Europe. His contributions to the podcast DEEP HOUSE CAT SHOW, also enjoy the utmost popularity.

VJ Bilderwilderer

VJ BILDERWILDERER has also been institutional in providing numerous clubs and events a very distinctive Atmosphere. His Visualizations are characterized by his deep understanding of the DJ culture, which intensivifies and enables the union of DJ + VJ in the first place.

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